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For accountants:
Efficient collaboration with commercial clients

Tac is the perfect complement to your company's accounting software. It automates the manual work of sorting paper receipts and matches receipts to the appropriate transactions. Save up to up to 70% time for every client.

Put paperwork to rest

All invoice documents come to you digitally and in real time, ready for accounting at any time.

Efficient accounting

With Tac, prepare invoice documents and transactions for receipt posting with minimal effort.

Reduction of costs

Tac saves up to 70% time per client compared to a manual process. This leads to efficiency and low costs.

Accounting is faster - with Tac

Receipt management

With Tac, your clients simply upload their monthly invoices and receipts into their Tac Workspace. Invoice data is automatically extracted. Receipts are sorted.

Automatisierte Belegsortierung


Receipts are automatically assigned to matching account transactions in Tac. You can see at a glance which transaction is already assigned to an invoice document.

Efficient accounting

Tac is linked to your client's business accounts. This gives you an overview of all transactions for the accounting closure and allows you to easily post each account movement.

Collaborate with clients

Clarify questions with your client directly in Tac. Record notes directly on the account transaction or receipt.


Export all data from Tac into your accounting software like DATEV and Lexware. Manual transfer of the booking data is no longer necessary.

"We tried Tac with one client. The automated receipt management saved us so much time that we started inviting more clients to Tac."

Heike Sow, Tax accountant, Berlin

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Create a profile for your company in 3 clicks. The usage is free for tax advisors and accountants.


Invite clients

In Tac you can easily invite your clients. Your clients accept the invitation and can send you invoice receipts immediately.


Just try it

Start using Tac with 1 client. If you are satisfied, invite more clients to Tac.

FAQ for accountants

What are the benefits of my client working with Tac?

1. Receipts are digitally recorded, sorted, assigned and accessible to you at any time

2. Business accounts of your client are linked in Tac. Documents are assigned to the individual transactions

3. Clarify questions directly in the chat

4. It's free for tax advisors and accountants

How safe is the data?

Servers are located in Germany - thus our service providers are bound by the strict German data protection laws. All data is transferred protected by SSL.

What are the benefits of registering with Tac?

1. Invite your clients to collaborate on Tac with 1 click

2. Your client can share receipts and link their business accounts to Tac immediately after logging in

3. Receipts are digitally recorded, sorted, assigned and accessible to you at any time

4. Automation saves you valuable time in the accounting process

How are the prices?

Tac is currently in a free beta test. You can now try out the tool with your clients free of charge. After the beta test, access will remain free of charge for tax consultants and accountants. For your clients there will be a free plan and a paid plan available. We will announce details in due time.

How does the automatic assignment of receipts to transactions work?

First, your client needs to connect their business accounts to Tac. Then Tac recognizes the appropriate transaction for the invoice document based on the invoice amount, date and other parameters. The majority of receipts are then automatically assigned to matching account transactions in Tac.

What actions can I perform in Tac?

In Tac you prepare the monthly or quarterly accounting of your clients. You'll see all the documents correctly recorded and presorted in the overview. In the business accounts you go through the commercial transactions and check the automatically assigned documents. In case of open questions, you start a chat with your client directly on the transactions or the receipt. If everything is ok, you mark the transaction as posted in Tac and simply export the data to your accounting software like DATEV.

How does Tac differ from accounting software?

Tac supports you in preparing all data like receipts and transactions for your existing accounting software.

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