We make receipt management incredibly simple

We are revolutionizing the accounting process between small business owners and accountants by making the transfer of paper receipts smooth, efficient and lightning fast through automation and collaboration in the cloud.


Small business owners who work in the restaurant, catering, retail and cultural industries share a common problem: they regularly have to process dozens of receipts from a wide variety of sources. Incoming invoices, outgoing invoices, receipts in paper form, receipts by mail attachment, as downloads from online stores, as cash register receipts in the wholesale market. All of these receipts must be printed, copied, sorted, and sent to the tax accountant for monthly financial statements. This process regularly consumes time, effort and money and leads to a lot of frustration.

Tax advisors often receive the receipts at the last minute before the deadline for submission to the tax office. All receipts must be manually reconciled with the income and expenses in the bank account. On average, it takes an accountant 1 to 2 days to enter all the receipts for a restaurant or a small retail business.

Why we founded Tac

Long story short: we were looking for a simple, affordable solution for digitizing and managing receipts. Basically, such a simple solution didn't really exist on the market, so we started to develop our own solution. E voila - that's Tac.

"With Tac, we initially wanted to give friends in the restaurant business an easy and simple way to send their invoice receipts to their tax accountant without a lot of hassle. It's been so well received in accountant offices and has brought so much relief to the business that we now want to make Tac available to other small business owners and accountants."

Sönke Petersen, founder of Tac

Further questions about Tac?

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