Best receipt management for restaurants

Automated document capture instead of paperchaos. With Tac you save time, money and nerves.

Mit Tac App sendest du Rechnungsbelege digital an deinen Buchhalter und Steuerberater

Ending paperwork

All your receipts in one place - goodbye clutter.

More time for your business

Don't want to do bookkeeping? Tac saves you an average of 3 hours per month.

Happy accountants

Automatically assigned receipts mean fewer errors and save time with your accountant.

For Restaurants

Paper chaos and shopping invoices in 5 different places? With our app and Tac Inbox, you can send all your receipts to one place in 5 seconds.

Tac App Screen

For accountants

Tac accelerates your existing accounting software. Process all transactions in minutes. No stress thanks to receipt automation.

Tac Desktop Screen

" Tac saves me at least 4 hours of work when closing the month. "

Julian Vetter, owner Julian's bakery

Complements your POS system

Why choose Tac?

Tac is super simple

More time for your business

Saves your time and makes accountants happy

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With the free plan, you can start enjoying the benefits of Tac right away.