Manage all your billing receipts in one place

With Tac, the accounting process between restaurant businesses and accountants finally becomes digital. Easy transfer of invoice documents and collaboration in the cloud.

Easy, efficient and lightning fast.

Free Beta Testing

Mit Tac App sendest du Rechnungsbelege digital an deinen Buchhalter und Steuerberater

Ending paperwork

All your receipts in one place - goodbye clutter.

More time for your business

Don't want to do bookkeeping? Tac saves you an average of 3 hours per month.

Happy accountants

Automatically assigned receipts mean fewer errors and save time with your accountant.

Tac integrates into your daily routines. Almost invisible.

Developed for gastronomy and small businesses

Whether invoice receipts in paper form or as an email attachment: Tac sustainably relieves the hospitality industry and small businesses. With our simple solution, Tac collects all receipts and sends them to your accountant at the end of the month.

Automatisierter Buchhaltungsprozess für Gastronomie

Send billing receipts digitally to your accountant

Forget about time-consuming copying and sorting of invoices. With Tac you simply send all receipts digitally to your accountant. Whether it's a paper receipt from the supermarket or a PDF of your outgoing invoice. In Tac, everything is automatically sorted and made available to your accountant.

More time for your business.

“ Tac is a great relief. No more copying and sorting of receipts at the end of the quarter. I just send everything to my Tac Inbox and don't bother with it anymore. ”

Luisa Giannitti, runs an italian deli

Automated receipt management

Tac is really simple. Invoice data is automatically recognized and assigned to the appropriate entry on your business account. Your accountant takes care of the rest.

Automatisierte vorbereitende Buchhaltung

“ Tac saves me at least 4 hours of work at the end of the quarter. ”

Marco Barraco, Arts and crafts

Collaborate with your accountant

Your accountant can access all digital receipts and bank accounts directly in Tac. Questions are solved directly in the chat.

This saves a lot of time for both sides.

Are you tax advisor or accountant?

Tac accelerates your existing accounting software. Process all transactions in minutes. No stress thanks to receipt automation.

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Why choose Tac?

Tac is super simple

More time for your business

Saves your time and makes accountants happy


Already using software to create your outgoing invoices?

Perfect! You can automatically forward those invoice receipts to Tac, they will be processed automatically.

Try Tac for free



Create a workspace for your company in 3 clicks. The creation is free of charge for you in the free plan.


Upload your first receipt

Send your first invoice receipt by email to Tac Inbox. The receipt will be automatically analyzed and added to your workspace. Alternatively, scan paper receipts with the Tac Scan app.


Just try it

Connect your business account and invite your accountant. Congratulations! From now on you save time, all invoices are sorted and sent to your accountant via Tac.


How do I use Tac?

1. for businesses: simply send every invoice receipts by e-mail to your Tac Inbox - done! The receipts can be viewed directly by your accountant. Alternatively, paper receipts can be transferred automatically with the Tac Scan app.

2. for accountants: Invoice documents in Tac are automatically sorted and assigned to bank transactions. This results in an extremely fast accounting process.

How safe is my data?

Servers are located in Germany - thus our service providers are bound by the strict German data protection laws. All data is transferred protected by SSL.

Who should use Tac?

1. for gastronomie and small businesses who handle a large number of invoices and receipts from various sources. If you send these documents to your accountant for input tax accounting and bookkeeping, Tac is the right tool for you.

2. for tax advisors and accountants who have a high manual workload for posting their clients' receipts.

How are the prices?

Tac is currently in a free beta test phase. Anyone can try the tool now for free. After the beta phase there will be a free plan and a paid plan. Details will be announced in time.

How does automated receipt management work?

You can connect your business accounts with Tac. Our algorithm automatically processes all invoice receipts. Receipts are matched matched with the corresponding transactions on your business accounts - no more time-consuming sorting.

How does Tac differ from online invoicing tools?

Tac complements existing invoicing software in your workflow. If you create invoices with other tools such as BillBee, easybill, Fastbill or Billomat you can easily submit these invoices via Tac directly to your accountant.

How does Tac differ from accounting software?

Other accounting software like sevDesk, LexOffice or Datev offers you the possibility to organize your entire accounting yourself. In contrast, Tac is super-simple and optimized to transfer all your invoices to your accountant as easily as possible.

Just try it

With the free plan, you can start enjoying the benefits of Tac right away.